Empower Your Author Mindset: Take Action and Achieve Your Writing Goals

Whatever The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve --Napoleon Hill

Whatever The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve

–Napoleon Hill

The human mind is most powerful creative device ever created.

Everything we consider “ordinary” today was first an idea in someone’s mind.

They had to take their idea and transform it into reality.

When we apply this awesome power to writing a book, miraculous things begin to happen.

Instead of being mocked by a blank page, we fill it with words. Those pages become chapters, and those chapters become your book.

This distillation of your thoughts didn’t exist before you conceived of it.

Then you set your mind to the process of turning your idea into a physical book.

I believe that if you want to write a book, then you must write your book.

I believe anyone – yes even you – can write and publish a book.

The same mind that tells you 1,000 reasons why you can’t can be reprogrammed overnight with 10,000 reasons why you must write your book.

It all comes down to a decision.

Will I do what is necessary to write my book?

If yes, what action must I take today to move my book forward?

Do the action.


Repeat every day until your book, this idea in your mind, is a beautiful completed book sitting on your desk so you can stare in amazement at this incredible work you created.

Your mind is extraordinarily powerful.

Put it to work for your book today.

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