Protect Your Time, Honor Your Purpose: Embracing the Power of ‘No’

Decide what kind of life you actually want, then say "No" to everything that isn't that. -Anonymous

Day 231: Anonymous–What kind of life do you want?


“What kind of life do you want?”

Until you clearly define what you want in your life, it’s hard to identify “everything that isn’t that.”

So, what kind of life do you want?

How will you serve others so you can fulfill the passion and purpose you know you were born for? Share on X

Do you possess a solution today because you overcame the thing that almost destroyed your life?

How will you make it easier for someone else to transform their life using the solution you paid such a high price to discover?

Will your book serve you best to fulfill the passion and purpose you know you were born for?

If you said “Yes” then you’re clear about what you want from your life.

All that remains is to say “No” to everything that is not writing and marketing your book.

And that’s easier than you may think.

Saying “No” improves your self-worth because it helps you protect your most precious resource – your time.

Saying “No” improves your relationships, because when you set clear boundaries with others, everyone knows what’s important to you.

Saying “No” helps you live in personal integrity. It helps you stay focused so you do what you know you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you feel like it or not.

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