From Fearful Writer to Fearless Author: Your Transformation Starts Today

Wednesday, July 6, 2022 22:42 PM Courage Is One Step Ahead Of Fear. -Coleman Young

Courage Is One Step Ahead Of Fear.

Coleman Young

Welcome to Fear-Free Friday!

I hope you’re having a Courage-Filled Friday!

Fear: an intensely unpleasant emotional response to a perceived danger or threat. 

This perceived threat, as it pertains to writing, publishing and marketing your book, is typically psychological, and it comes up because we dared step out of our comfort zone.

Or we merely thought about stepping out of our comfort zone before our fear yanked us backward again.

No matter where you are in the book writing/publishing/promotion process, fear typically is our response to doing something we’re not experts at (yet).

Fear is often at the root of our impostor syndrome – even though we’re not impostors at all.

Fear is often at the root of our impostor syndrome – even though we're not impostors at all. Share on X

Fear is often at the root of our refusal to sit down and write every day – because if we actually complete this first draft, we’ll be one step closer to the most terrifying thing of all – putting ourselves out into the world.

If your fear is rooted in some variation of, “Nobody will read my book” then ask yourself this one, simple question:

“Who is reading your book right now?”

Nobody, right?

You are already living your worst nightmare in terms of this fear so what have you got to lose by completing the process and publishing your work?


You can apply this principle to every other fear you have today.

You’re probably already living out the reality of that fear, so why not Take the Leap in faith and watch the net appear beneath you.

It’s a beautiful thing!

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