Harness the Power of Emotion: Elevate Your Book Marketing with Mental Triggers

Build mental triggers into your book marketing copy. -Casey Demchak

Build mental triggers into your book marketing copy. This gives you the ability to create positive emotional reactions in the minds of book buyers without feeling like you’re manipulating them.

Casey Demchak

A Mental Trigger is a writing device that helps create a positive emotional response in your reader. 

These positive emotional responses can include the feeling that they believe you – that you’re credible in their eyes. 

It can be the feeling they trust you – even if they can’t explain why.

Or perhaps they feel like you have their best interests at heart.  If you’re writing the book that solves their most pressing problem this is 100% true. 

Here are a few tips on using mental triggers to invoke positive emotional responses in your readers.


When using numbers, precision equals trust, so be specific.

Which do you find more credible?

“I’ve published over 45 books”

“I’ve written and published 49 books”

Both statements are true, but only one of them feels true.


When you open a door for a complete stranger, what’s their automatic response?

They want to open the next door for you.

When we’re generous with others, they tend to feel more generous toward us as well.

Give book bonuses that deliver massive value to your reader. This extra value far outweighs the cost of your book and makes the buying decision easier for your reader.

This generosity on your part invokes gratitude on the reader’s part.


Human beings are hard-wired for story. It’s in our DNA. Storytelling builds a sense of belonging and community, and we’re wired to belong.


  • Your personal “origin story”
  • An experience that taught you a specific principle or life lesson
  • How you overcame a specific problem
  • Personal stories that reveal your experience and credentials

All of these techniques – mental triggers – are designed to enhance your Know-Like-Trust factor in your readers.

When a reader feels like they know you, like you and that they can trust you they have a positive emotional response toward you and your book, your program or your service.

As an author, our primary job is to build this Know-Like-Trust factor so our readers believe we are credible, authoritative and compelling.

What mental trigger will you use in your next book marketing copy rewrite to generate a positive emotional response in your reader?

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