From Determination to Publication: Embrace Your Journey Down Publication Highway

Be an unstoppable force. Find the way. No one will make this dream come true for you but you. -Laini Taylor

Be an unstoppable force. Find the way.  No one will make this dream come true for you but you.

-Laini Taylor

Determination and commitment are the best tools to help you become an #Unstoppable #Author.

If you aren’t determined and committed to writing your book, the odds of you ever crossing the finish line of Publication Highway are slim indeed.

But when you make the decision to achieve your dream, no matter what obstacles you face, those odds are instantly stacked in your favor.

All that’s left is the “how”…

The simplest “how” is also, generally speaking, the most effective way to accomplish your goal.

For me, that begins with designing a complete, detailed Roadmap for Success so I know why I’m writing my book, who I’m writing it for, how I will make the time to finish it.

This includes scheduling my writing sessions and keeping those appointments with myself.

The Roadmap for Author Success is a wonderful tool to help you transform from the writer you are today into the successful author whose published book who will positively impact the lives of your readers.

In short, your published book will help you make the impact you know you were born for.

If you want some help to design your personal Roadmap for Author Success, join me on Monday, October 31 at 10am for The Nano Rebels Challenge.

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