Writing with Heart: Creating Powerful Emotional Connections with Readers

No tears in the writer - no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer - no surprise in the reader. -Robert Frost

No tears in the writer – no tears in the reader.  No surprise in the writer – no surprise in the reader.

-Robert Frost

To connect deeply and emotionally with our readers, we must first connect deeply and emotionally with ourselves.

We must tap into our deepest wounds and face our most excruciating pain if we want our readers to experience it as well.

Whether you’re writing your first book or your next book, whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, your most important job is to connect deeply with your WHY…

Why is this book on your heart to write?

Why is it so important for you to write it?

Why do you want to share your solution to the problem you overcame?

Why are you the only author who can write someone else’s survival guide?

When we explore these answers deeply and with courage, we  uncover the high-octane fuel that will reach out and touch the hearts of our readers.

When we are willing to connect emotionally with our inner self,  when we do this critical inner work, our words will resonate with our readers and they will become raving fans.

No matter how knowledgeable you are, unless you’re willing to tap into the emotion of why you care so deeply, your words will bounce off the reader and leave them unchanged.

When we do this inner work, it’s reflected in our words and our readers will feel like they are wrapped in a blanket of comfort and  empowerment.

They will say, “This author gets me.  This author understands me.”

This is how you write a book that your fans will rave about.  This is how you help others achieve their dreams – by connecting so deeply with your own pain nd vulnerability that your readers connect and say, “He gets it. He understands me.”

When your words elicit that response, you book will change lives and you will make the impact you know you were born ot make.

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