Unleash Your Writing Power: Overcome Fear with a Roadmap for Success

You develop courage by doing small things. -Maya Angelou

You develop courage by doing small things.

-Maya Angelou

Courage isn’t found in facing massive obstacles.

Courage is found in dealing effectively with each individual small challenge you face each day.

To successfully write and publish your book, you must grab onto your courage and use it to empower your journey down Publication Highway.

Invoking your courage is easiest when you have a clear, concise plan to achieve your dreams.

That plan will contain mini-milestones and, the more courageous you are at achieving them, the faster your book will be written.

I’m a massive fan of using a well-designed, personalized Roadmap for Success because this tool takes all the mystery and confusion out of the process.

It makes writing your first draft easy, and one great byproduct of that simplicity is speed. You will write your first draft faster than you may think is possible right now.

Do you want to finish your first draft in 30 days or less?

Do you want your own, personalized Roadmap for Success so you can achieve this dream?

Join me on Monday, October 31st, for The Nano Rebels Challenge – a 5-day workshop where you’ll develop your Roadmap for Success, followed by 30 days of Writing Power Hours to hold you accountable and encourage you to get it done.

It all starts by signing up for The Nano Rebels Challenge today.

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