Building Trust Through Questions: Crafting Book Marketing Copy That Resonates

What questions are you asking your potential readers?

Neil Rackham
What questions are you asking your potential readers? Share on X

Are you using those responses to write your book marketing copy? If not, why not?

The more you know about your reader’s emotional state and the challenges they face, the easier you can write copy that resonates with them and the deeper you will connect with them.

Yes, you may have lived through the same problem and found a solution that works for you, but does that mean your solution will work for everyone suffering with that problem?

Probably not, but your solution will work with a percentage of them.

Asking questions is how you ensure your book solves the problem in ways that work for the people who aren’t like you, but suffer from the same issue.

Ask questions in groups where your ideal reader hangs out. Listen intently for their responses.

How do they speak about the issue? What are their hopes, their dreams, and their deepest, darkest fears? The more you know about them, the easier it is to write book marketing copy that hits them in their heart.

Actively take part in these groups. Share your best answers and hold nothing back. This generosity shows your experience, your expertise and positions you as a trusted resource.

Readers buy from authors they know, like and trust.

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