Embrace the Fear: How Taking Risks Fuels Your Writing Success

Leap – and you’ll discover you knew how to fly all along.

Jase Souder

Yet that leap of faith is the most terrifying action we can take most days.

Why is that?

Even if we’re not happy, we’re not miserable inside the warmth and safety of our comfort zone.

Sure, it’s not very exciting, but it’s predictable.

As a creative person, the Comfort Zone is the last place I ever want to live.

Do you tell yourself,

“It’s okay, I’ll write my book next year.”

“I’m too busy right now.”

“I’ll start writing tomorrow.”

If so, you’re settling for far less than your true potential.

I never want “settling” for less than I’m capable of to be acceptable.

The challenge is that I’m capable of far more than I think I am.

So I must set a high bar and refuse to accept anything less than clearing it cleanly.

It means I must work longer, work harder, work better than I did yesterday.

Sure, the bar seems impossibly high today, but it felt that way yesterday too.

And somehow, every day, I find a way to clear the bar again.

My fear tries to convince me I might fail.

My courage guarantees that my success is inevitable AND that failure simply isn’t an option for me.

Life outside my Comfort Zone is the most exhilarating and terrifying way to live. It's also the only place my dreams come true. Share on X
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