Beyond Dreams: How Deadlines Help You Achieve Your Goals

Dreams are Goals with Deadlines -Diana Scharf Hunt

Dreams are Goals with Deadlines

Diana Scharf Hunt

Dreams are beautiful things. But a dream alone is useless without a plan for turning that dream into our reality.

That’s where the deadline comes in.

When I commit to a completion date for doing the work required – all of it – to turn my dream into my reality, I’ve turned my dream into the most powerful thing on earth.

A goal.

Better yet, a worthy goal that will challenge me to give everything I’ve got and more to get it done.

This is why I like adding a U to the end of my SMART goals.


That deadline must make me uncomfortable.

It must make me question my sanity.

It must make me question my ability.

It must make me question my limitations and spur me on to see whether those limitations are real… or just garbage I tell myself so I don’t have to leave my comfort zone.

ALWAYS leave your comfort zone!

Fight for your limitations and they’re yours.

Ignore them and limiting beliefs that spawned them and swing for the fences.

Then watch that ball sail off, over the fence, and into the sunset…

It’s a beautiful thing!

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