Unlock Your Writing Potential: The Power of Consistent Practice

Writing is like any other sort of sport. In order for you to get better at it, you have to exercise the muscle.

Jason Reynolds

The best way to improve is to practice consistently.

Key word: consistently, as in daily practice to hone the writing talent God gave you into the mighty skill that will change your reader’s life.

My daily writing habit is a lifesaver on those days where I don’t feel like writing. No matter what I’ve already written today, I know that at 4pm I will sit down and write for an hour because that’s what I do every day at 4pm.

I sit down at my desk and write. Whether I feel like it or not.

This routine can save you on the days you don’t feel like writing, too.

Select a time that you can set aside every day for writing.

Schedule a 1-hour writing session every day at this time on your calendar. Set a 15-minute reminder so you don’t conveniently “forget” this appointment with yourself.

The beauty and benefit of this daily habit is that through it, you will fall in love with process of writing again. Click To Tweet

You’ll bathe in the absolute joy and gratitude of writing for its own sake, instead of the outcome.

You’re not sitting down to write a book or a blog post or book marketing copy.

You’re sitting down to spend an hour or more doing the thing you love most in the world: to write.

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