The Power of Community: Connecting with Others on Your Road to Writing Success

Many people, in their attempt to build a successful life, forget there are tools to help them.

David Joseph Schwartz

As you journey down Publication Highway, it’s easy to fall into the trap that you must make the trip alone.

It’s a grand lie dumped on you by your Infernal Editor, that nasty little troll in your head that says you’re not good enough; that you’ll never be good enough.

His only hope for control over you is to isolate you.

But road trips are meant to be shared with the people we love most.

Leave your Infernal Editor at home, preferably chained in the dungeon so he can’t hurt anyone else.

Grab your favorite notebook and pen, your laptop and charging cord, a couple of writing buddies and a coach or two, then load up the van with road food and get moving.

Your book won’t write itself, but with a vanload of friends to help every mile of your journey, you simply can’t fail.

They’ll help with research. They’ll find beta readers when you’re ready. They’ll help you sort out why Chapter 3 makes no sense and how to fix it, too.

Yes, writing can be a solitary journey, but it's not a requirement. Share on X

Use every resource at your command to make your book the best it can possibly be.

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