Unleash Your Book Sales: The Power of Benefit-Driven Marketing Copy

Don't focus on what your book is about - focus on what people will get out of reading your book. -Casey Demchak

My number one rule when writing book marketing copy is this. Don’t focus on what your book is about. Focus on what people will get out of reading your book.

Casey Demchak

One of the best ways to position yourself to sell more books is to write compelling book marketing copy.

Benefit-driven book marketing copy sells books.

Descriptions of what your book is about don’t.

Think of this as explaining your table of contents. While a good Table of Contents is necessary, if a reader wants to see what’s in your book, they’ll use Amazon’s Look Inside feature.

Your job as a book marketing copywriter is to answer these two reader questions:

  1. “What’s in it for me?”
  2. “Why should I read this book?”

Your answer to those questions are your book’s benefits.

Focus your book marketing copy on the benefits your reader will gain by reading your book.

Clarity is key.

Use crisp and concise language

Use action words to communicate each benefit.

Bullet points are an excellent way to focus the reader’s attention while speaking directly to your reader using conversational language, not “salesy” talk.

When you do this, your book marketing copy will draw in your ideal audience because you’ve clearly explained what’s in it for them.

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