Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Success

I’ve never known a person who was successful that didn’t at first establish a mindset of success. You can’t be that which you can’t believe. -Byron Pulsifer

I’ve never known a person who was successful that didn’t at first establish a mindset of success. You can’t be that which you can’t believe.

-Byron Pulsifer

Our thoughts create our reality.

Depressing, negative  and disruptive thoughts create a less than desirable day.

Positive, uplifting and happy thoughts create a great day.

This ain’t rocket surgery, it’s pure science.

If you tell yourself you don’t feel like writing (negative) do you believe you’ll sit down at your desk and write?

What about if you tell yourself you love writing? You can't wait to finally get to your desk so you can begin doing the thing you love, right? Share on X

I read a post on Facebook the other day where a writer said he “couldn’t” commit to scheduling writing sessions every day.

He claimed the only way he could write is when he was inspired, because he could write as much as 5,000 words on those days.

He readily admitted he would only write 250 words or less for the next few days but insisted it was worth it, while simultaneously admitting writing a first draft could take two weeks, two months, or longer.

He had no way of knowing how long it would take to finish his first draft.

He believes that he can’t write well using scheduled writing times. Therefore this is true in his world. He literally can’t write to a schedule.

I believe I can write whenever I need to write, and that I write better when I stick to a daily writing schedule.  So I do. Every day. Without fail. Whether I feel like it or not.

Is my way “better”?

Sure is for me. I can set a deadline for a first draft and KNOW without a shred of doubt that I can meet or beat that deadline.

It empowers me.

For my life, it works. I can’t schedule my publication date or set up a pre-sale promotion without this basic knowledge.

If deadlines, publication dates and pre-sale promotions mean nothing to you, write any way you want to write.

If you want to set a deadline and KNOW you can complete your first draft by that deadline – or sooner – then set your mind to this positive result and commit to doing whatever it takes to meet or beat your deadline.

Words like “better” or “worse” are contextual. For this Facebook writer “better” is writing when the mood strikes and not writing when it doesn’t. He is unconcerned about setting or meeting a deadline.

If that’s you, fantastic. I wish you the best.

For everyone else, just say, “Yes, and…” fill in the blank with whatever the next step forward is for you and your book.

Do you believe you will write your first draft in 30 days?

“Yes Christopher, I do, and I’ll schedule my writing sessions to make sure of it.”


Then you’ll write AND publish your book far faster than you or this Facebook writer believes is possible.

And I’ll applaud you every step of the way because you set your intention, set your mind on this goal, then did the work required to guarantee you would succeed.

My only question is this.

What book will you write next?

When you’re finished writing for the day, work on your Roadmap for Author Success for your next book.

Nail down all these details so that once you publish your current book and are marketing it daily, you can begin writing your next book.

And you’ll write this one faster and easier than you did the previous book because now you have a system.

You know more.

You learned from all those mistakes on your first journey down Publication Highway.

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