The Power of Self-Imposed Deadlines: Achieve Success on Your Own Terms

At some point, you have to give yourself deadlines and stick to them. -John McNally

At some point, you have to give yourself deadlines and stick to them.

-John McNally

Deadlines help you stay accountable. Deadlines also ensure you make forward progress every day.

Without self-imposed deadlines we lack direction, focus and motivation.

We lack the desire to succeed. We lack the desire to complete our journey down Publication Highway.

Use Outlook or another planner to set your deadlines.

Break down your book into small, manageable chunks. Set a deadline for every one.

Set reminders prior to every deadline to help you stay on track.

Make every deadline uncomfortably close in time because the closer the deadline, the more urgency it creates in your mind. Click To Tweet

Yes, be realistic, but err on the side that generates the most urgency. Err on the side that forces you out of your comfort zone.

Every deadline should be achievable, yet challenging enough to force you into action.

Begin with your complete, detailed Roadmap for Author Success.

This plan should contain your WHY – both for writing your book and for the people you serve. It should contain your writing schedule, your First Draft deadline, your final draft deadline and your publication date.

It should also contain a complete and detailed outline for your book.

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