Writing Beyond Fear: Embrace Courage and Unleash Your Creative Potential

Say YES and take a step. The destiny you seek is on the other side of your fear. -Jase Souder

Say YES and take a step. The destiny you seek is on the other side of your fear.

-Jase Souder

Is it scary to put your words out into the world for the very first time?


Feel your fear and do it anyway.

Fear is the source of all self-doubt.

Courage is always the answer.

Fear tells us, “This is important.”

Courage tells us, “Yes, and because it’s so important, I must do it.”

All you need to know is your next step.

Say “YES!” and take that step. Then another. And another. And another until your book is written and published.

Are you afraid to share your work?

Say “YES” and share it anyway.

Are you scared you’ll be judged for writing how you truly feel?

Say “YES” and write it anyway.

Are you terrified to share the story of what happened to you, your road to recovery and how you healed from whatever the trauma was?

Say “YES” and share it anyway.

Are you scared hit PUBLISH because you can’t take it back?

Say “YES” and slam that button anyway.

True Story

I once published a book and, after the first negative (but valid) review came in, I redesigned the entire book and republished it. That book went on to be a bestseller in its category.

Your fear is a lie.

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