The Art of Goal Setting: Choosing Battles Worth Fighting

Pick Battles Big Enough to Matter, but Small Enough to Win. -Jonathan Kozol

Pick Battles Big Enough to Matter, but Small Enough to Win.

-Jonathan Kozol

A worthy goal must force us out of our comfort zone so we can achieve new heights, yet still remain inside the boundaries of psychological safety.

When setting a goal, it’s important to make it difficult enough to challenge us, yet still remain possible to achieve.

I love encouraging you to write a book, because no matter who you are or what talents you have, writing a book is “possible.”

How easy it will be is up to you and a number of other factors, including your discipline, your desire, and your passion for your subject.

If you’ve been through a traumatic experience and come out the other side, it’s normal and natural to want to share the solutions you discovered with others so they don’t have to struggle as hard as you did to get through it.

It’s also a scary prospect because, through sharing your experience, strength and hope, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be real so your readers can connect with you, your words and your story.

That authenticity can’t be faked. Your readers will see through you the instant you try to remain inside your bubble of safety.

The only way to truly help another person transform their life is to allow yourself to be open and vulnerable so they can see the truth of your story in them.

This is how we transform our pain into someone else’s survival manual.

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