Planting Seeds of Success: The Link Between Your Efforts and Your Harvest

Always Do Your Best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. -Og Mandino

Always Do Your Best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

-Og Mandino

You will accomplish your dreams far faster and far easier when you focus your time, energy and passion on the one most effective task in front of you each day.

Hard work today always pays dividends. It’s what makes success is inevitable.

This is why I love the 90-day year concept so much.

The results I’m seeing today – in every area of my life – are the direct result of the decisions and actions I took 90 or 100 days ago.

If I want excellent results 90 or 100 days from today, then I must do my best today – meaning I must take the most effective action today that leads to the result I want three months from now.

This longer-term vision also keeps me out of the trap of shiny object syndrome. Unless the proposed action serves my purpose 90 days from today, I don’t do it.


If I want a completed first draft in 90 days, my purpose is best served by designing a detailed Roadmap for Success – complete with mini-deadlines along the way to ensure I meet my ultimate goal – a completed manuscript.

Writing a book isn’t difficult. It does take discipline, however.  For me, that discipline is found in Og Mandino’s words today, because when I do my very best today, the rewards I seek become inevitable.

As I say regularly, I love taking the actions that make success inevitable!

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