Start Now, Write Now: Turn Your Author Dreams into Reality

When is NOW a good time to start?

-Tony Robbins

What is your next step to turn your dream of writing a book into your reality?

Right now is the time to take that step.

“But I only have 30 minutes before my next appointment?”

Great! Embrace this opportunity to write 3 more pages of your book.

“But I only have 15 minutes!”

Fantastic. Start right now and write another page in your book. Maybe two.

Seize this moment.

It’s your moment.

And if you let it slip away, it’s gone forever.

Want to become a better writer?

Begin right now and write more today.

Want to sell more copies of your book today?

Start marketing your book more right now.

Sure, you can dream about your future success, but Ecclesiastes 11:4 warns us about the danger of allowing our most precious resource, our time, to slip through our hands.

He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.”

Define your next step and commit to it. Whatever that opportunity is, take action on it immediately. Share on X

Say YES! and courageously take your next step.

Yes, even if it’s scary, because every step you take right now, especially when you “don’t feel like it”… Those are the moments you will look back on with gratitude and pride.

Those are the steps that get your book finished and published.

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