Speak to Their Hearts: How to Craft Book Marketing Copy that Resonates

The customer doesn’t care about features, rather they care about solving their problems.

Trish Bertuzzi

Readers don’t care about your process. They care about FINALLY being free of pain that’s plagued them far too long.

So, in your book marketing copy, focus on the outcome your reader most desperately desires.

Yes, identify and understand your reader’s primary issue. Solve that problem in multiple ways in your book.

But identify how they will feel when that problem is finally removed from their life. These feelings are what your reader wants most. Share on X

Show your prospective reader, through testimonials and success stories, how someone just like them and who suffered just like they are, now lives in the promised land of happiness and success because of you and the solutions you provide in your book.

Communicate the benefits your book provides. Highlight how your book delivers practical strategies using real-life examples so your reader knows this transformational journey will work for them, too.

Continuously refine your book marketing copy based on your audience’s evolving needs. Use what you learn through this ongoing research to refine your book as well, and your success is guaranteed.

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