Master the Art of Starting: Trick Yourself to Write

The difficulty - the ordeal - is to start. --Zane Grey

The difficulty – the ordeal – is to start.

–Zane Grey

Getting started to write each day can be a pain.

For reasons I’ll never understand, sitting down to write – to do the thing I love doing most in this world – is also when procrastination and other mental derangements often rear their stupid little heads.

It’s ridiculous – literally deserving of ridicule – that this goes on at all. 

Do you find yourself in a similar position today?

If so, try my favorite method for getting started, no matter what.

  1. Make the decision to write for 2 minutes
  2. Set a timer on your smart phone or, better yet, get a 2-minute timer from your local dollar store
  3. Start the timer
  4. Write until the timer expires
  5. That’s it!

If you’re like me, you’ll discover that immediate deadline sparks your need to meet this deadline and you will write.

It doesn’t matter that the deadline is completely arbitrary.

It doesn’t matter that the deadline is meaningless.

This deadline did its job.

It got you started.

You will probably, like me, be surprised when the timer expires (if using your smart phone) because you’re already so engrossed in writing that you forgot all about the timer.

Simple, easy and effective.

For me, it works every time.

Hopefully you will achieve the same result!

NOTE: This tip works best when used in conjunction with scheduled daily writing sessions.

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