From Fearful to Fulfilled: Embrace the Publishing Journey

What We Fear Doing Most Is Usually What We Most Need To Do -Tim Ferriss

What We Fear Doing Most Is Usually What We Most Need To Do

-Tim Ferriss

Publishing your book is probably the most terrifying portion of your journey down Publication Highway. 

The pre-publication stuff – writing your book – and the post-publication stuff – marketing your book – never seem to inspire as much fear as hitting the Publish button.

One woman I met in a Facebook group said she was terrified at the thought of hitting Publish, so I asked her why she was so hesitant.

“I’m afraid nobody will read my book,” she replied.

“How many people are reading your book right now?” I asked.


“Since you’re already living your biggest fear this very moment, what have you got to lose?

She published her book the next day and went on to sell a ton of copies.

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Only after you hit publish can you – and your book – make the impact in the world that you know you were born for.

Only after you hit publish can your reader – that person for whom you spent all those days/weeks/months/years writing your book – finally solve the problem they face and transform their lives for the better.

If you’re hesitating to do anything in your life today, make today the day you change that.


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