Embrace the Possible: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Write Your Book

Nothing Is Impossible; The Word Itself Says I'm Possible. -Audrey Hepburn

Nothing Is Impossible; The Word Itself Says I’m Possible.

Audrey Hepburn

I love Hepburn’s cheekiness in this quote. 

“Impossible” is the term we, too often, apply to things we don’t want to do.

Writing a book is hard, it takes sustained effort over a long period of time, so we will say things like

“I can’t.”

“I don’t have what it takes.”

“It’s impossible.”

When really, what we’re saying is we’re too lazy, too undisciplined or too lacking in self-confidence and/or self-worth to give it an honest try.

ANYONE can write a book.

Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to write a book.

If the statistics are to be believed, roughly 80% of North Americans say they want to write a book.

Only 3% of them ever finish writing a book.

The truth is….

ANYONE can write a book, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes.

Are you one of the 3%?

If not, do you want to be?

Let’s talk about your dreams and how you can turn them into reality. I’d love to learn what’s holding you back.


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