Day 355: Success Is a Choice: The Magic of Your Personal Writing Power Hour

Michael Jordan worked hard when nobody was watching so he could be a genius when everyone was.

-Dean Graziosi

Discipline is easy when someone’s watching. It’s more difficult when you’re alone and nobody sees what you are (or aren’t) doing.

Yet it's what you do when nobody is watching that determines who you are (your character) and how you perform when everyone is watching. Share on X

Living in personal integrity gets your book written and published. Guaranteed.

Do you show up for your writing sessions?

Do you write when you show up?

Is it a pain to schedule your writing sessions AND show up for them every day?

Maybe. But that response is a choice.

I GET to schedule my writing sessions AND show up for them every day!

Same words, vastly different focus and energy toward them.

This is why your personal Writing Power Hour is so effective.

Schedule a daily time that you will sit down and write for an hour.

Or join me at 4pm Pacific every afternoon except Sundays.

Here’s why. A commitment to someone else is always more powerful than a commitment to myself.

That’s why I commit to you that I’ll be there, every day, no matter what. I may blow off that commitment for myself, but I refuse to do that to you.

I force myself to live in personal integrity. And it works.

It will work for you too.

Writing Power Hour: The Most Empowering Out of Your Writing Day. Join Now at

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