Day 353: Your Heart, Your Words: How to Write with Passion and Unique Perspective

Day 353: Your Heart, Your Words: How to Write with Passion and Unique Perspective

The beautiful thing about writing is that it’s not about the competition. There are no rules, no bosses, no authorities; all you need is your imagination and the willingness to take risks.

-Jenny Offill

You bring something extraordinary to your book, no matter how many other people write on the same topic: your imagination, your passion and your unique perspective.

Give yourself permission to experiment.

Give yourself permission to fail.

Give yourself permission to succeed, as well.

Courage is required very single day. It applies to every area of your writing journey.

Be courageous and fearless so you can write from your heart. Write with authenticity – which simply means openly and honestly so your idea reader can feel your heart.

Your heart is unique. So is your message, so comparing yourself and/or your writing to someone else leads to being stranded on Someday Isle. Click To Tweet

Someday I’ll write this book when I [fill in the blank with whatever lies you’re telling yourself in this moment].

Push yourself out of your comfort zone every time you sit down to write.

Yes, it’s a risk, but without great risks you cannot create great rewards.

The beauty of the writing life is that you can write your book any way you want – so long as you apply courage and willingness to each step of your journey down Publication Highway.

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