Your Story, Their Transformation: Embrace Self-Improvement through Writing

If one is lucky a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities. -Maya Angelou

If one is lucky a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.

-Maya Angelou

Your words have the power to change lives.

Someone out there faces the same problem you did, but they’re still battling with it, while you, through hard work, discovered a solution that works.

This is the power of the story that only you can share.

You’re watching this video because you want to tell your story.

I encourage you to do this because, when you do, you will change the life of every person who reads it.

These daily videos are how I encourage you to…

  • 1. Do the internal work required to write your book
  • 2. Design your personal Roadmap for Author Success
  • 3. Complete your first draft as fast as possible
  • 4. Revise and publish your book
  • 5. Market and sell your book

I want you to do all of this so you can become the person who can transform your dreams – whatever they are – into your everyday reality.

So you can help other people the way only you and your written journey can…

So you can make the impact in the world you know you were born for.

If you’re lucky and do the hard work required, your book will become someone else’s survival guide.

There is no more fulfilling work than helping others.

There is no higher calling that saving someone’s life.

There is no more rewarding words than a heart-felt “Thank You!” from a reader whose life your book saved.

Write your book.

You have no idea how many lives you’ll change by setting aside the fear and doing the “impossible.”

Want some clarity on how you can get your book written?

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