Unlock Your Book’s Potential: Harness the Power of Problem-Solving Marketing

Fixing Problems is the Most Powerful Marketing You Can Do -Andy Sernovitz

Fixing Problems is the Most Powerful Marketing You Can Do

-Andy Sernovitz

We buy books to solve problems. Whatever the problem, a book in the aisles of your local library or the halls of your favorite online book retailer solves it.

We write books to help others solve problems.

If your book solves a specific problem – and it should – then design all of your book marketing efforts, your cover art, your back cover blurb, your book marketing copy, with a single goal in mind.

Your cover art must instill trust in your reader.

Every reader who suffers from the problem you solve must believe, “This author gets me. They understand the pain I’m in and I believe they can help me.”

He or she must know that YOU know how terrible every moment of life is for him or her, so long as this problem persists.

Use your cover art, back cover blurb and book marketing copy to instill the Know Like Trust factor for you in your prospective readers. Share on X

Your reader must understand that you understand their problem, and you offer a solution to it that works.

Offer proof in as many ways as you can.

When your core book marketing tools deliver KLT to your ideal readers, they will reward you with book sales and 5-star reviews.

All of which helps you sell more books so you can help even more people.

Sales is service.

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