Transform Your Garbage into Gold: The Art of Brilliant Editing

It is perfectly okay to write garbage as long as you edit brilliantly.

-C. J. Cherryh

No matter how detailed your outline, no matter how much time you poured into research, your first draft is just that – your FIRST draft.

It’s you telling yourself what you think your book is about.

Editing is how you transform your first draft thoughts into a book your readers crave. Share on X

I advocate writing your first draft as fast as you can so that you have more time to devote to revising your draft into a masterpiece that WOWs your readers.

As you turn your dream of writing a book into your reality, Ecclesiastes 11:4 is a great reminder that dreams don’t come true without hard work.

The editing process requires diligence, care, patience and persistence. Especially persistence and patience. Persistence to keep going, patience with yourself as you navigate all the twists, turns and potholes you discover on your journey down Publication Highway.

Keep your reader’s journey in mind at all times. Focus on clarity as you help your reader navigate that journey.

Editing is that hard work.

It’s also required work. Without it, you will blow a tire, swerve to miss a deer and land in the ditch, instead of courageously crossing the finish line of Publication Highway.

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