Take Action Now: Set a Deadline to Kickstart Your Writing Journey

Give Yourself A Deadline To Stop Planning And To Start Taking Action -Andy Gilbert

Give Yourself A Deadline To Stop Planning And To Start Taking Action

-Andy Gilbert

When I design my Roadmap for Author Success for a book, I set an intentional deadline to complete the process. If I don’t, I will soon discover I’m caught in an endless loop of, “I can make it better.”

Of course I can make it better in another week.

Yes, and I could keep “making it better” for years and never write my book.

When I design my Roadmap, it includes a set date to begin writing my first draft, a definite end date for my first draft, and another definite deadline for my latest trip down Publication Highway, my publication date.

With all of these deadlines in place (and more), I force myself to do the work required to write and publish my next book.

It’s a system that works well for me. Using this system, I’ve written and published 50 books, with another in the pipeline.

If you’ve been skirting around the idea of writing and publishing a book, but you still don’t have a complete, detailed Roadmap for Author Success for your book, connect with me and let’s talk about your writing dream and see if there isn’t a solution for what’s keeping you from turning this dream into your published reality.

I have a few ideas that may surprise you with their simplicity.

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