Persistence Pays Off: The Path to Author Success

Lucky is where skill meets persistence. -Robin S. Sharma

Lucky is where skill meets persistence.

-Robin S. Sharma

There is no luck involved in writing and publishing your book.

Your success is the result of your hard work and perseverance.

Or you can admit that you’re simply unwilling to do what’s required to turn your dream of writing a book into your published reality.

Your roadmap for success is simple.

1. Hone your writing skills through consistent, daily writing practice. Schedule your daily writing sessions and keep those appointments with yourself.

2. Embrace persistence. (If you can have only one tool in your author toolset, make it persistence) Share on X

3. Embrace the mindset that failure is not an option. Failure must become completely unacceptable for you.

4. Life will present you with a multitude of opportunities to fail, to give up, to say to yourself, “I’ll work on my book tomorrow.” See Step #2 for the solution to every one of these “opportunities.”

5. Do the work daily, whether you feel like it or not. Your feelings about writing are irrelevant. Write anyway. Your feelings about writing today will change in less 60 seconds if you apply Step #2.

Your success is not a fluke. It’s not a lucky roll of the dice.

Your success is the direct result of doing what you know you needed to do, when you needed to do it, whether you felt like it or not.

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