Make Every Minute Count: The Power of Daily Choices on Your Writing Life

The Way We Live Our Days Is The Way We Live Our Lives -Annie Dillard

The Way We Live Our Days Is The Way We Live Our Lives

Annie Dillard

The good news is that how we live our day to day is ENTIRELY within our control. We get to choose how we spend every one of those 1,440 minutes.

The bad news is that if we don’t live our day today with purpose – if we don’t make good choices with how we spend those 1,440 minutes today – odds are good we will reach the end of our lives with far too many regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

So how do we apply this principle to our writing life?

Let me first ask you a question.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it for you to write, finish and publish your book?

If your answer is 7 or below, you can stop watching this video right now. You have more important things to do today.

However… If your answer is 8 or above, then my simple question for you is this:

What are you doing to move your book forward today

Not tomorrow. Not next week.


We can’t control what happens tomorrow or next week. The only day we have total control over is today – so what action will you take today to make forward progress on your book?

Will you write for 15 minutes?


This is how we turn our dreams into our reality.

It’s also how we live our days in a way that we live a fulfilled life we can be proud of.

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