From Unsuccessful to Unstoppable: Harness the Power of Persistence

If you're willing to do what others aren't for 2 years, you'll do what others can't for the rest of your life. -Jase Souder

If you’re willing to do what others aren’t for 2 years, you’ll do what others can’t for the rest of your life.

-Jase Souder

Determination increases your motivation to complete your daily word count so you can meet your deadline.

When you’re determined, you focus all your energy on completing the task before you, such as writing the next section of your book.

Persistence means moving forward, no matter what, because failure is simply not an option.

Persistence gives you the strength to keep going, despite any obstacle, difficulty or discouragement you face. Share on X

Persistence is simply the self-discipline required to, over the long haul,  write and finish your book because your motivation, inspiration and excitement for your book may wax and wane over time.

These changes are natural, normal and expected.

The disciplined writer knows this and builds the habit of writing every day, whether they feel like or not because that’s what professionals do.

If you know you need to build a daily writing habit but, so far, you’re unsuccessful, then maybe a little accountability will help you turn this train around.

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