Cut Through Procrastination: Give Yourself Shorter Deadlines

Give yourself a shorter deadline. -Jase Souder

Give yourself a shorter deadline.

Give yourself a shorter deadline.

Work will expand to fill the time allotted. Guaranteed.

If you give yourself 12 months to write your first draft, it will take you a year to get it done.

But you won’t work very hard for the first nine months because a deadline has no power until it looms over your head.

Since you'll fritter away nine months anyway, why not cut them out of the process entirely? Click To Tweet

Does that thought terrify you, if only a little? If yes, excellent because it means writing your book is important to you.

Here’s how you begin.

Set aside one day to design and build your complete, detailed Roadmap for Author Success for your book.

Sure, you could give yourself a deadline of one week, but why fritter away six days when a single, focused four or five hours will get the job done?

Did you feel another spike of fear?  If yes, excellent because it means you’re excited about the possibilities before you.

With your Roadmap for Author Success completed, set a 90-day deadline to write and complete your first draft.

Did you feel a third spike of fear? Awesome!  This means you know you can do it and that you know you will need to make some changes so that writing every day is at the very top of your priority list.

Here’s a great way to get started.

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