From Motivation to Mastery: Embracing an #Unstoppable Writing Mindset

Life Takes on Meaning When You Become Motivated, Set Goals and Charge After Them in an #Unstoppable Manner. -Les Brown

Life Takes on Meaning When You Become Motivated, Set Goals and Charge After Them in an #Unstoppable Manner.

-Les Brown

Life is its most exciting when we’re charging after our goals in an unstoppable manner. That deep sense of purpose moves us forward like nothing else can.  It’s one of the best feelings possible, right?

Think about your very best writing sessions. Weren’t they filled with passion and purpose? Didn’t the words flow effortlessly from your mind to the page?

Of course.  That’s what the flow state is all about?

But can you intentionally manufacture that sense of purpose?

Can you purposefully motivate yourself to the level of #Unstoppable?

Can you enter that magical flow state at will?

Yes, on all counts.

And it’s far easier than you might think – no matter what your mental state is at the outset.

  1. Sit at your desk with your feet on the floor and your hands on your lap.
  2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath for the count of 4.  Hold for a count of 4. Release for a count of 4.
  3. Repeat five times.
  4. Set your intention.
    1. If you’re writing a chapter of your book, focus on your word count goal for this session and the material you will cover.
  5. Set your deadline using a timer on your phone – 30 – 45 minutes is best to get the maximum benefit of this exercise
  6. Start the timer
  7. Start writing. 

If you feel stuck or blocked, write that out as your opening statement and don’t stop typing, no matter what thoughts run through your mind.

Even on your worst day, within 60 seconds you’ll be writing your way to your word count goal with intense focus and desire.

The more practiced you become with this exercise, the easier it will be to enter that flow state at will.

Watch today’s video for all the details of how to enter this state at will.


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