Escaping the Comfort Zone: Embrace Courage and Take Action

Stop Doubting Yourself, Work Hard and Make It Happen -Anonymous

Stop Doubting Yourself and Make It Happen


If you’re not moving toward your vision for your life today, as yourself this simple question.

Who is stopping you?

The deeply unsettling answer is often “me.”

Too often, we allow self-doubt to stop us from achieving our dreams.

Our fears, self-doubts, limiting beliefs all have one thing in common.

They’re not real.

They are learned responses.

They’re bogeymen whose power only exists in our minds.

They never have our best interests at heart and they always want us locked up in the most luxurious prison of all… The Comfort Zone.

The Comfort Zone is where all our hopes and dreams go to die.

Thankfully, the pathway out of this prison is simple.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Push beyond what you think is possible for you.

You are ALWAYS capable of far more than you believe in this moment.

Grab your courage and take the leap of faith.

Schedule the steps necessary to achieve your dream.

Keep those appointments with yourself.

When writing your book this means you must:

  • Schedule your writing appointments
  • Keep your scheduled writing appointments
  • Maintain personal integrity

I will do what I said I would do,

When I said I would do it,

Whether I feel like it or not

When you simply schedule your writing sessions and keep those appointments with yourself, your completed book is inevitable.

I love “inevitable.”

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