Conquer Your Mind: Don’t Let Fear of Failure Hold You Back

Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.

Babe Ruth

If you let it, your fear will stop you from ever writing a word.

Fear will capitalize on your weakness, your cowardice, and turn every thought of writing into a waking nightmare.

Yet, no matter what you fear most, it’s a lie. It’s just a stack of lies dumped on you by your Infernal Editor.

So crawl out from under them, set them on fire and get to work.

Are you afraid nobody will read your book?

If you’re too afraid to write, guess what? Your greatest fear already came true.

Are you afraid someone will judge you for what you wrote or how you wrote it?

News Flash!

Someone will always judge you harshly for what you write or how you write it.

But other people – kinder, more caring people – will applaud your courage and embrace your book.

To stick with the Babe Ruth sports analogy, the best defence against these negative thoughts is a good offence.

Writing is a daily act of courage. Share on X

So sit down and write as if you’re already a world-renowned best-selling author who receives rave reviews for every sentence they publish.

With that attitude, your book will be amazing.

And your Infernal Editor will be left wondering how you managed to escape his evil clutches.

Success is the best revenge, isn’t it?

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