Unleash Your Inner Yoda: Embrace Courage and Take Action

Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda

Do or do not. There is no try.


I love the wisdom Yoda imparted to Luke Skywalker and, through him, to us.

Do it or don’t.

Make a decision.

Follow your decision with immediate and effective action toward your dream.

Or don’t.

Yoda makes it clear that this decision – the most important decision of your life – is yours and yours alone.

Will you live in Courage or despair?

Will you live in Bravery or cowardice?

Will you live with Boldness, or apprehension.

Choose Courage.

Choose Bravery.

Choose Boldness.

Yes, even when you’re plagued with self-doubt.

Yes, even when you’re terrified of the “Big Bad Thing” thing that might happen.

Yes, even when you want to hide under the covers and pray the world would just go away.

You say you want to write a book.

Courage, Bravery and Boldness is how you prove to the world that you mean what you say.

Your best friend says you can’t? How are they able to determine, in advance, what you’re capable of?

YOU don’t even know what you’re capable of. So how could they?

You're stronger than your limiting beliefs. You're stronger than their limiting believes about you, too. Share on X

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Ask for help before you need it, not after you’ve blown a turn and crashed into a ditch.

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