From Panic to Productivity: Harness the Lifeline of Deadlines

Deadlines Are Really Lifelines To Achieving Our Goals -Mark Batterson

Deadlines Are Really Lifelines To Achieving Our Goals

-Mark Batterson

The deadline is the one thing that, when used effectively, will turn your dream of a book into your published reality.

A friend of mine despises deadlines to the point of being enraged when I suggest the idea.

Yet he readily admits the most productive hour of his entire week is the hour before we’re scheduled to meet.

The deadline drives him into action, if only because he doesn’t want to have to show up and admit he hasn’t done the work he said he would do.

If this rings any bells inside your head, then I encourage you to embrace the deadline.

Make your deadline so close in time that it sparks a mini panic attack inside your creative self. Share on X

Set a deadline that causes you to say, “There’s no way I can write that many words in so little time!”

Because there is a way.

It’s the same way that any book gets written and published.

Sit down at your desk, place your hands on the keyboard and write as fast as you possibly can.

To set a deadline that terrifies you a little, but is still completely within your ability to achieve, use Manuscript Math.

It’s a simple process that you can learn (and implement) at

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