The Power of Imperfection: Get Words on the Page in Your First Draft!

The First Draft Is Just You Telling Yourself The Story. -Terry Pratchett

The First Draft Is Just You Telling Yourself The Story.

-Terry Pratchett

A phrase often heard on film sets is, “We’ll fix it in post.” It means they will ignore the problems with what they’ve shot until the editing phase.

This same principle holds true for writing.

Getting something “in the can” is more important than getting the right thing in the can.

Getting words out of your head and onto the page fast is the most important thing while writing your first draft. Share on X

Your outline may be the most incredible document in the history of the written word, but until you turn your outline into a completed first draft, you don’t truly know what story you’re trying to tell, just as Terry Pratchett says.

The first draft is a journey filled with expectation and possibility.

This is what makes the first draft such a thrill to write, and speed is your friend as you careen down the highway of your story and all the twists and turns it includes.

You can’t edit a blank page.

You can’t fix words that aren’t written.

But you can work magic with the most horrific sentences imaginable once the basic essentials are on that page.

This principle remains true no matter what you’re writing:

  • a fiction book
  • a non-fiction book
  • a personal story to help you overcome some negative experience in your past

Get something down on the page and then “fix it in post.”

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