The Power of Selfless Service: Impacting Lives without Needing Recognition

You can accomplish much if you don’t care who gets the credit.

Ronald Reagan

Personal recognition is nice, but true fulfillment comes from service to others without caring who gets credit.

If you place a high value on significance and being praised for your work, flip your script so you focus on the value you deliver and the impact you make in someone’s life.

Take your ego out of the equation, if only for a week, and see how this feels.

When accolades become the byproduct of your success, instead of the driving force behind why you want success, you completely change how you play the game of life.

As a writer, make this shift in mindset your priority.

Focus on the broader purpose of your writing. It’s not to become famous or make a lot of money, as awesome as those things are.

Your purpose is to inspire one person to change their life for the better.

Your purpose is to show one person that they, too, can live their very best life imaginable.

This shift in focus forces you to become your very best self, too, so you can deliver the results your reader desperately wants, needs and desires.

And do all of this with an attitude of gratitude.

Be grateful for the big things and the small in your life. Express gratitude to those you value most: family, friends and clients. Share on X
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