The Power of Progress: Celebrate Your Published Book and Plan for the Next

Your first book doesn't need to be a bestseller. Your first book needs to be published. -Christopher di Armani

Your first book doesn’t need to be a bestseller. Your first book needs to be published.

-Christopher di Armani

You need your first book to meet a ton of criteria, but becoming a bestseller isn’t one of them.

To avoid the trap of perfectionism, put realistic pressures on yourself and leave the unrealistic ones for a future book.

To write and publish your book, you’ll need to

  • Learn new skills
  • Build new habits
  • Educate and enroll your family
  • Set and meet deadlines

Your first adventure down Publication Highway there is so much you don’t know.

Accept this journey is all about learning, both about you and your internal motivations, dreams and desires, as well as about your readers, your story and how to navigate the publication process.

Enjoy the journey!  Learning is exciting but remember to reach out for help when you need it. Sure, you can figure it all out yourself, but why?  Others have travelled this road before you and can help you shortcut the process.

And when your first book is published, CELEBRATE!

It’s a massive accomplishment and should be celebrated as such.

Then start planning your next book, because nobody writes a single book!

The more often you repeat this adventure, the easier it becomes, and the better quality books you will write.

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