The Power of Imperfection: Unleashing Your Authentic Voice

Have no fear of perfection–you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

Dali is correct. But your drive for perfection can help you become a more effective writer.

Using Manuscript Math, set a deadline for your first draft that is achievable, but forces you well outside your comfort zone. Cut by 10% and mark it on your calendar.

If you weren’t scared before, you might be now, and that’s okay.

Write as fast and as much as you can every day. Ignore spelling mistakes. Ignore grammar errors. REFUSE to edit a single word.

The byproduct of writing fast is you write better.

You’ll write a cleaner, more compelling and more authentic first draft because you’re writing like you speak.

Sure, those spelling and grammar mistakes must be fixed, but the point of the editing process is to make your sentences, paragraphs, pages and chapters better.

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Your Infernal Editor hates it out there, and he’ll scream and yell at you non-stop until you chain him in the dungeon.

His time comes later, when your first draft is finished, not now while you’re taking your brilliance out of your mind and putting it onto the page.

Then celebrate your successful first draft!

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