the Power of Gratitude: Discovering the Beauty in Closure

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

When gratitude is the guiding force of your life and your focus every day, joy will bless everything you experience.

When an adventure is over, be it an event, a job, a relationship, make the time to reflect on what you loved most about the experience.

Yes, endings can be difficult but, when you embrace the lesson you learned through it, gratitude and grace are so much easier to embrace.

Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers.

What qualities of that experience, job or person do you value most?

What lessons did you learn from that experience, job or relationship?

What is the positive impact this made on your life?

How will you apply these lessons to your life moving forward?

How will you share these lessons so you can help others through a similar challenge?

How will you stay focused on the present?  Yes, appreciate the past, but remaining grounded in this moment is crucial to your success and your next steps forward.

Clearly define your next three steps and examine how the experience, job or relationship ending impacts those new goals. Click To Tweet

Then take the action that is most obvious to move you closer to your dream.

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