The Path to Mental Health: Cultivating Gratitude in Everyday Life

I find blessings in the little things of life. -Anonymous

I find blessings in the little things of life.


In a world that’s overrun with fear, shame, doubt, isolation and division, to maintain any sense of mental health means we must focus our attention on the things that matter most.

Gratitude is (or should be) at the top of that list.

When we start our day in gratitude, we banish fear, envy and a host of other evils from our mind.

Grab your trusty pen and paper, and take 2 minutes to write down everything you’re grateful for in this moment.

Start small and work your way up to the bigger things.

For example, I’m grateful for waking up this morning.

I’m grateful for Munchkin the Monster Kitten and his tractor-like purr machine.

I’m grateful for my wife and for her support of everything I do.

I’m grateful for my pastor, for my church family and for their prayers on my behalf.

I’m grateful that I can pray for others.

I’m grateful to you for watching this video. I’m even more grateful that you’re implementing this principle in your life.

Next, write down how you will tangibly express your gratitude to those individuals on your list who you are grateful for.

What kind act can you do for your spouse to make her or him feel a little better at the end of a long day?

What act of generosity can you perform for the co-worker who helped you so much, especially when they didn’t have to?

Lastly, how can you pass on this practice to those closest to you?  Because when you and your entire family begin living in gratitude, there is no limit to the positive change you can effect in this world.

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