The Deadline Challenge: Transforming Procrastination into Motivation

The Ultimate Inspiration is the Deadline -Nolan Bushnell

The Ultimate Inspiration is the Deadline

-Nolan Bushnell

I love deadlines. The closer they get, the harder I work to meet them because I know my goal is waiting for me on the other side of the deadline.

But not everyone feels the same way. A friend of mind and a great writer can’t stand deadlines. If I give him one, all I guarantee is that it won’t get met.

So if that sounds like you, perhaps the exercise below might help.

If you struggle with meeting deadlines, try adding a little negative motivation to your process.

Step 1. Set your hard deadline and make it uncomfortably close. If a task normally takes you 6 weeks, make your deadline 5 weeks.

Step 2. Pick a charity or a political party that you are 100% opposed to.

Step 3. Pick the dollar amount you will donate to this charity or political party if you fail to meet your deadline and make the amount large enough to hurt.

Step 4. Work your butt off to achieve your goal.

In the unlikely case you don’t meet your deadline, follow through on your commitment.

Pay them.

Then try again. My bet is you won’t miss your deadline again. 🙂

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