The Antidote to Fear: Embrace Your Courage and Start Writing!

Fear is a Reaction - Courage is a Decision -Anonymous

Fear is a Reaction –  Courage is a Decision


Fear comes in all shapes and sizes.

Fear rears its ugly head at the most inopportune moments of our life.

Fears of all kinds can paralyze us.

Fear of success.

Fear of failure.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear around not knowing what to do because you’ve never done this before.

If you’re working on your first book, this can be especially debilitating if you’re not careful.

When you create a detailed plan and add a healthy dose of courage, you can slay every one of those fears because courage is the antidote to fear.

Are you afraid of the process? Don’t be. The process is simple.

Are you afraid you don’t know enough? Don’t be. You know plenty, and what you don’t know you can learn easily.

Are you afraid nobody will read your book – even if you finally get it written and published?

Don’t be. Ask yourself how many people are reading your book today.

Understand you’re already living that fear today, and it’s not relevant to you, your life or your book.

Step out of your comfort zone. Make the courageous decision and write.

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