Harness Your Talent: Don’t Let Limitations Define Your Writing Journey

Don't Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do -John R. Wooden

Don’t Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do

John R. Wooden

Best. Coaching. Advice. Ever.

It’s just so darned easy to let what we lack dictate what we do or, more specifically, what we don’t do.

Time is a great example.

“I don’t have time to write.”

This is probably the biggest lie writers tell themselves each day.

You have the same 1,440 minutes each day as I do. The question is… how will you choose to spend those minutes?

You CAN make the time to write. But you must first choose to make the time to write before you can take the actions necessary to ensure 30 or 60 of those precious minutes get spent where they will do your book the most good – writing.

“I don’t know how to sell my books.”


We all know what to do to sell our books.

We just don’t want to do it.




Step #1 to selling your book: Be proud of the book you wrote.

Be confident that you offer a solution to the pain your ideal reader is in and that, if they follow our instructions, they’ll come out the other side too…

Are you up for that challenge?

Most aren’t. That’s a fact.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

But you’re different, aren’t you?

Do one thing to sell your book today.

You’ll feel so much better about yourself and tomorrow, when you do one more thing to sell your book, it will be just a little bit easier.

And the day after that it will be a little easier yet.

#Consistency matters.

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