From Excuses to Action: How Deadlines Propel Your Writing Forward

Internal deadlines sometimes don't feel real and are therefore easy to evade. -James Surowiecki

Internal deadlines sometimes don’t feel real and are therefore easy to evade.

-James Surowiecki

A deadline makes you accountable for achieving a specific goal.

The problem is, we don’t take commitments to ourselves seriously.

There is no urgency.

“It’s okay, I can write twice as much tomorrow.” (but you never do)

“I’ll catch up on the weekend.” (sure you will)

“No big deal, I can push my publication date again.” (how many times is that now?)

Five years later, the book isn’t published. It’s not even finished. If we’re lucky, there is some sort of rough, half-written first draft.

With no sense of urgency, procrastination and excuses come far too easily. Share on X

Urgency drives us into action.

So, if this is an area where you could improve, try one or all of these options.

1. Make your deadlines public

Use your family, your friends, and your potential readers as accountability partners.

2. Join a daily writing group

Make yourself accountable to the other members of the group and ask them to call you out when you fall short.

3. Hire an author coach

There’s nothing quite like investing a some of your hard-earned cash to get the guidance you need so you can start, write and finish your book.

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