From Dread to Delight: Transforming Deadlines into Live-Lines

Deadlines have a lousy name. Call them Live-Lines instead. That’s what they are.

Seth Godin

This quote is an awesome reminder that deadlines are opportunities to bring your work to life, not some horrible troll to be avoided at all cost.

Deadlines for your daily writing sessions signal the start of a new creative journey.

When used this way, every writing session becomes an exciting adventure that you embrace with joy and gratitude.

Deadlines also provide a structure to and an accountability mechanism for your work.

Every deadline sets a specific and significant sign or a milestone reached or accomplishment achieved.

Every deadline met adds one more layer to your Success Stack, and the larger your stack grows, the more you want it to reach the stars above.

Each deadline is a powerful motivator to focus your mind on the most important thing you just do in this moment: write. Share on X

Deadlines are not trolls that signal that you “have to” write today.

They’re streetlights and stars reminding you that you “get to” write today, and to be happy and grateful for this new opportunity to astound yourself.

Deadlines are not your enemy! Deadlines are the spark that ignites your creativity and propels you towards your goal.

Embrace them as “live-lines” as Seth Godin encourages us, and use them to boldly turn your dream of writing a book into your published reality.

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