Deadline-Driven Inspiration: How Setting Goals Fuels Your Writing Journey

Inspiration is for amateurs. Professionals work every day. Personally, the best inspiration is a deadline. -Chuck Close


Persistence, determination, willingness to do whatever it takes and a deadline will get you farther each day than inspiration ever will.

A deadline plus those three traits will guarantee your success.

Work on your craft every single day, whether you feel “inspired” or not.

When you do, you’ll discover the same thing I learned. When I show up and write every day, inspiration is never far behind. She may not be there when I start, but she shows up pretty darned consistently – so long as I’m already working.

Inspiration seldom shows up when I'm sitting on the couch, beer in hand, binge-watching Amazon Prime. Go figure. Share on X

Inspiration finds me when I’m working, and she’ll find you when you’re working too.

And, in my experience, nothing prompts Inspiration to show up faster than a great big deadline that looms over my head and threatens to crush me.

My daily writing routine is the tool that allows me to meet my deadlines with ease. Writing Power Hour is, for me, one of the tools I rely on to write, finish and publish my books.

Writing Power Hour, combined with your deadline, can be a powerful tool to get your book written, finished and published too.

Will I see you there?

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